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      Adopt a Sponsored Shelter Dog!
      Each month we sponsor a dog at the Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia. This means we cover the adoption fees so their new family doesn't have to. So if you live in VA or are willing to travel and would like to add a furry companion to your loving home, definitely check out our sponsored dogs and see if he/she is the right fit for you!❤ 

      Adopt Dex


      Dex! loves meeting new people and going on adventures! Walks in the sun are his favorite, especially if he can bring his squeaky toy. He really enjoys playing fetch and pretending he's a lap dog! If you are interested in meeting Dex please click the "learn more" button below.

      Ready to adopt Dex?

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      Adopt Scamp
      Scamp is an 80 lb. loveable guy with a smile that can light up a room. This 9-year-old professional couch cuddler adores family time and loves just being with you. His favorite activities include going for walks, hiking the trails, and being on squirrel patrol. Oh, and break out a squeaky toy and it's game on! He LOOOVES squeaky toys! 
      Scamp is also great on a leash and has experience with older kids. And although he can do well with other mature dogs with minimal playstyles, he'd prefer to be the center of attention in a home. If Scamp sounds like the right fit for you, he'd love to be a part of your family!

      Ready to adopt Scamp?

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      Casper has been adopted
      Casper is as sweet as they can get. He is 66 lbs. of pure loveable companionship. He is a deaf dog but that doesn’t stop him from acting like a puppy. He’s also very good with other dogs and loves playdates.


      Adopt Steve


      What's up everybody! My name is Steve and I'm a friendly eight year old chunky monkey pup (yea, I could stand to lose a few pounds...but who's keeping score). I'm a big fan of snugglin' and learning all about the environment around me with my nose. I'm blind, so my nose is my eyes. In my spare time - when I'm  not snugglin' - I'm content just walking around and sniffing away. I prefer a flat surface as stairs are not my thing. But If I must, I can tackle a few steps with good hooman guidance.
      If you're a loving laid back person with a single story home, I'm your guy. Give me a chance and I promise you won't be sorry. Can't wait to meet you!


      Ready to Adopt Steve?

      Adopt Steve

        Adopt Danny


      Danny's my name, sweet and loveable is my game! I'm a special kinda guy here at LHS. You see, I only walk with my front legs - but I'm determined to get my hind legs back in action. And thanks to the help of the great people here at LHS, I'm proud to say that I can now walk on my own in short bursts! Whoop whoop! Yay for me!

      Anyway, if I had to describe my ideal companion, they would be loving, understanding, and enjoy going for frequent short walks - because that's what actually makes my hind legs stronger and better. It's something I need. In return, I'll be your loveable sweetheart of a companion who's greatest joy is to be by your side. If I steal your heart, I apologize ahead of time - because that's what I do best.
      Looking soooo forward to meeting you soon!

      Ready to Adopt Danny?

      Adopt Danny