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      Pup Scruffs Charitable Giving

      A portion of every Pup Scruff sale will be donated to The Lynchburg Humane Society.

      When it comes to animals, we're softies - like really big softies. If we could create our own world there would be no such thing as abused, neglected, and homeless animals. Every animal would have a warm safe home and be cared for as a loved member of the family.

      Therefore, supporting organizations that go above and beyond to save and rehome animals into loving homes goes without saying. Their work is an endless, tireless, and often a heart-breaking uphill battle that relies solely on the support of the pet loving public. No one person can do it alone...but together we can make a difference.

      Adoptable Dog

      Saving animals is all about the power of numbers. No donation is insignificant. A single dollar for example might not sound like much - but if ten million people donate just one dollar each...well, you do the math (ten million people is just a mere .13% of the population).The amount of animals that can be saved with ten million dollars is remarkable. The power of numbers can save countless lives.

      A portion of every Pup Scruff sale will be donated to The Lynchburg Humane Society.

      So not only are you giving your dog a cool splash of style, you're helping to save the lives of others as well...and we can't thank you enough. 

       Lynchburg Humane Society

      Lynchburg Humane Society 

      For over sixty years, the Lynchburg Humane Society has operated as a private, non-profit organization, caring for lost and homeless pets. They are a 501c3, as well as a No Kill Humane Society, where they firmly believe that no healthy or treatable pet should be euthanized.

      Mission: Help pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach.

      Vision: A community free of homeless and neglected pets.


      If you would like to make a donation to the Lynchburg Humane Society, you can do so here.