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      Scruff Stories

      Cool summer fun for the dogs

      dog playing in splash pad pool

      Summer’s here and it is HOT!!! Dogs are just like kids. They want to be outside, they have lots of energy and they want to play. But it is just too stinkin’ hot out there. 🤔 Unless water's involved. 

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      Switching gears during the pandemic

      Switching gears during the pandemic
      Launching a fashionable neckwear business for dogs in the middle of a pandemic is far from ideal. Businesses were shutting down left and right, the economy plummeting and unemployment skyrocketing through the roof.

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      Choosing the right breed

      Choosing the Right Breed of Dog
      With so many breeds to choose from, deciding on a breed can be a little overwhelming. But before making a decision based on "OMG those dogs are soooooo cute!", it's important to make sure the breed you have your heart set on is the right breed you.

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