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      Scruff Stories

      Switching gears during the pandemic

      Switching gears during the pandemic
      Launching a fashionable neckwear business for dogs in the middle of a pandemic is far from ideal. Businesses were shutting down left and right, the economy plummeting and unemployment skyrocketing through the roof.

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      Choosing the right breed

      Choosing the Right Breed of Dog
      With so many breeds to choose from, deciding on a breed can be a little overwhelming. But before making a decision based on "OMG those dogs are soooooo cute!", it's important to make sure the breed you have your heart set on is the right breed you.

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      The Wonders of Walking

      Walking your dog
      The importance of going for walks goes way beyond just letting dogs relieve themselves. Here are just a few of the reasons you should grab that leash and head out the door with your best friend.

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