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      "Welcome to Pup Scruffs, where tails wag and fashion reigns supreme! 🐾✨ Born from a passion for stylish pups, our company prides itself on crafting the most fetching neckwear for your four-legged fashionista. With a tail-wagging blend of creativity and quality, we've been in the doggy fashion game for years, curating a collection that's the envy of every park paw-rade!

      Our vibrant and fun patterns pop with personality and our designs are more than just accessories—they're expressions of your pup's unique style. Every stitch is woven with love and a sprinkle of playful energy, ensuring that your furry friend stands out as the trendsetter of the bark-side!

      Our journey began with a simple mission: to transform everyday walks into fabulous runway struts. And oh boy, have we succeeded! Pup Scruffs isn't just about dressing dogs; it's about celebrating their individuality and spreading joy with every wag and woof.

      Join us in this tail-wagging adventure, where every dog finds their perfect 'paw-some' accessory. Whether your pup prefers classic elegance or quirky fun, there's something in our collection that'll make tails wag with delight. After all, being stylish isn't just for humans—it's for our furry best friends too!"

      Owners of Pup Scruffs

      Our vision is simple:
      Show your love for dogs and leave no pup unscruffed (your best friend deserves it).

      Katie, Bob & Pawlie